Lounge Review – Strata Lounge in Auckland

Strata Lounge AKL

Up the escalators near the rest of the premium lounges is the Strata Lounge

A few weeks ago we were able to pop into the Strata Lounge in Auckland, New Zealand during a trip from Santiago, Chile to Sydney, Australia.  We had a quick 2 hour layover but the timing lined up perfectly for breakfast time and we were happy to tuck into a corner of the Strata Lounge for a quick visit.

The size:

We were there pretty early in the morning and it was deserted! There were a handful of other people, but there were plenty of tables with chairs and couches for lounging.  I am sure this club could handle a rather large crowd without feeling cramped as even the space between tables and couches felt particularly spacious which was a welcomed change after 12 hours of row 37 on LA801 (SCL-AKL).


Everyone we interacted with were very friendly and the service was attentive.

The food:

Excellent.  There was a marvelous selection of breakfast foods including sausage, pancakes, noodles, roasted tomatoes, hashbrowns, breakfast cereals, toast, smoothies, cheese and meat platters, and more.
We didn’t sample the alcoholic beverages, but the coffee was fantastic, there was a great variety of juices for the kids.  We felt it was in the top 5 of food selections we have ever found in a lounge.


There were electrical outlets at each couch grouping which made a quick recharge quite convenient.

Kid Factor:

They had an enclosed kids room with toddler toys, bean bag chairs, and a TV tuned into the cartoon station.  It was especially convenient as all the walls were glass so you could easily keep and eye on the kiddos while enjoying the comfort and quiet of a nearby couch or table. Its such a huge relief to have a place where the kids can stretch out a bit and move around with out worry about them breaking something.

The “fishbowl” kids room


We gained access via our Priority Pass from our American Express Platinum card.  Keep in mind that with the Priority Pass through Amex gets the primary cardholder plus 2 guests. As we travel with a family of 5 we require 2 Priority Pass cards which we got by signing up my wife as an authorized user on my Platinum account.


Awesome- they received the priority pass lounge of the year in 2017 and we could tell why. They had TV monitors displaying flight departures with average walk time to get there which is always welcomed in a new airport so you don’t leave too early or too late for boarding.  The food was fantastic, it was super clean, people were friendly, and we enjoyed it!