Rental Car travel hack – finding a car when company is sold out!

If you have ever been stuck making last minute arrangements for flights it can be incredibly frustrating, especially around holidays.  Rentals cars can be even worse.  Limited availability, holiday rushes, and high prices can keep you stuck at the airport or relying on public transportation for your surface travel needs.  Use this rental car travel hack to find hidden availability!

The Problem

I have found on more than one occasion I am unable to find ANY rental availability for required dates to accommodate my travel needs.  I search each carriers website, then search the broader websites ( ect), and even still I have been in situations (especially in Latin and South American countries) where there is NO cars available.

The Solution

Search better! Instead of using a US based search engine, or a multi agency search engine, I will use the search engine for the brand of rental car in the host country.  A perfect example is in Chile.  I needed to book a one way car rental and checked Hertz.  I had to call in to request the car and 4 days later I was told nothing was available.  Then I tried EuropCar (the only other rental agency that I could pick up in Santiago and return to an airport in southern Chile.  Same problem with no cars available.  Once I searched I was able to find exactly what I needed and it was actually cheaper than the price was typically listed on the US based sites.  It did not require a Chilean license or passport.  Luckily I can read Spanish, but Google translate could of taken care of that as well!

So next time you can’t find a rental car use this rental car travel hack, check the local version of the site!

Don’t get stuck up the creek with a big boat and a tiny car!

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