Easy trick to protect from fraudulent charges AND convert currency

When you travel we should alway protect your credit card from fraudulent charges should always been on your mind. All to often when we travel we struggle with the conversion.  Most of the time it is pretty straight forward but for whatever reason South African Rand conversions evades my ability to comprehend in math.  Luckily there is a really easy workaround to at least give you a good idea what you are spending AND will alert you quickly if your credit card has been hacked and ran for fraudulent charges (or ran multiple times for the same charge).

You messenger app can provide fraudulent charge protection.

AmexBot and Facebook Messager making fraud protection and currency conversions easy!

What you need:

As of now the only credit card brand that I know that links this way is American Express.

What you do:

Link your amex account to your Facebook messenger account: Connect your Card to the Amex bot for Messenger by downloading the Messenger app on your mobile device and typing “AmericanExpressUS” into the search bar to locate the Amex bot. Then, select “Get Started” and log into your American Express online account.

We always travel with data on one of our phones for the purpose of maps, and emergency contact.  Using messenger keeps you from having to keep a SMS or MMS account active as it uses data.  Whenever your Amex card is ran you will (typically within 10 seconds) get a message telling you how much you spend (in USD) and where.  I have had a few anxious moments when a cashier has repeatedly swiped my card, or even worse, disappeared into the back with my card in tow.  This way you know exactly what has been charged without any active participation from you and if there are fraudulent charges you can deal with them then and there.

For us our Amex Platinum card has been irreplaceable as far as travel benefits and membership rewards.  If your interested contact us and we can send you a referral for some extra signup bonus points!

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