About Us

Who are we?

We are a family of five who have fallen in love with the world.  Through our work (we own a rafting company in the beautiful state of Idaho) we are lucky to travel to Chile every winter to teach kayaking and do ecotourism in our lodge/South America home base.  Work keeps up busy May-Sept and Jan-Feb but the other months our schedule is much more flexible allowing us to travel extensibly both in the USA and abroad.   Tren also is a member of the US National Slalom Kayak team and his travels also allows the family another reason to go. The struggle has been trying to afford to travel with a family of five to these international destinations and keep our sanity and pocketbooks. Linzie travels a few weeks a year as a consultant mainly in the continental US.

Luckily Linzie is extremely patient and Tren has become a travel nerd allowing us to leverage credit card sign up bonuses, credit card spend, mistake fares, and really creative routing to get the whole family to 6 of the 7 continents and shared countless amazing journeys.  We now spend as much time as possible traveling and have honed our technique to not only be able to travel a lot, but to do so in some resemblance of comfort and confines, without spending a ton of money.  We hope you enjoy the blog and can use some of our travel ideas and tips to make your next journey a bit more comfortable.

From left to right: Tren, Isaac, Olivia, Merle (bottom) and Linzie